Grannas a cultural event in Los Angeles 2018-09-27



Within shortly two skillful painters from 3rd and 4th generation of Grannas will travel to Los Angeles, USA to paint a newly restored big wooden horse, approximately 220 cm high, and 400 kg weight.
Gunilla Lindberg and Jenny Palm got the invitation in May and will the coming weekend travel to USA.
The horse is produced in Mora 2004 for the organization SWEA and was part of a series of a total 14 pcs. which were decorated by selected artists and placed in different big cities around the world.

2018 was decided that the horse was to be restored and placed in the ”Vasaparken” situated in the ”City of Angels” . The organization of the park got the brilliant idea to involve Nusnäs and Grannas in the process.
Vasaparken has a Swedish theme and have two events every year, one around Midsummer and one in the autumn in October (with a Swedish Meatball-party).
Grannas painters will of course, be a part of the cultural event this year.

Here beside you can see how the horse looked like 14 years ago and also photo from the restauration last summer.
Now the horse will be red and get a traditional decoration.

It is not the first time Gunilla and Jenny have accepted a big challenge , last time was a few years ago, and then it was a huge elephant!
It was for a charity organization, with the mission to try to save the endangered animal from extermination.