Here are some photos of beautiful old horses and some roosters and pigs.
Somtimes it is difficult to decide the age of a horse, since they are seldom signed or dated. The Photo-texts below, can give you an idéa about the name of a producer and approximate age. Dalahorses from the Nissers, Rytter, Hvit and Svensk for example, are today valuable collectibles.

If you own an older Dalahorse, similar to the ones below, and thinking about selling it - please contact us. Sometimes we by horses for our exhibition in Nusnäs, mainly horses older than 1930.

1930-tal 1940-tal 1950-tal
Nusnäs 1930ies, GAO Nusnäs 1940ies, GAO Nusnäs 1950ies, GAO

Nisser 40-tal
1900-tal 1930-tal
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